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Pelatihan Tenis : The Tennis Grip

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When playing tennis it is important to consider the grip. This is used to hold the tip of the racket from the frame.

You must find the correct size of tennis grip for your hand because you can damage your wrist if it is too small or cause hand strain if it is too big. To figure out what grip is the right size for you, take a tape measure and measure the hand you hold the racquet with.

The measurement you are looking for is the length between the middle of your palm to the tip of your ring finger. That is the finger next to your little finger. This length should be the same distance as the grip around the handle of the racquet. Young people will be less than four inches where as an average woman is about four and an eighth to four and three eighth inches. A man is about four and a half inches to four and three fourth inches.

This grip must be replaced when it wears smooth or begins to separate from the handle. It is best to change it often depending on how many times you play tennis a week. The type of grip recommended for your racquet can be found in the inside throat. There are two types of replacement tennis grips.

Those are “cushioned” and “firm”. The firm is made of high density calfskin, or cowhide leather. This is preferred by those players who want to feel the ball meet the racquet. If you want relief for your hand, you should choose the cushioned grip. However this choice makes it hard to feel the ball touch your racquet.

When your grip pores are clogged up by dirt or sweat, the grip becomes hard and at this time you can purchase an overgrip. Overgrips are temporary grips that should be replaced once for every five times you play tennis. They become gluey if not changed and this can affect your game. If you buy certain artificial overgrips they may be easier to clasp then the leather types.

Based on the adhesive used there are three types of overgrips available. “Soft” has less friction and causes less blistering but you have to grip it harder to stop it from twisting when hitting off center balls. “Tacky” can give a person a lot of blisters but it does prevent slippage and “Dry” has a flypaper feel, this gives a player a good grip but the stickiness can slow them down when they want to change the handle fast.

It is important to consider your tennis grip for power. It will help you reduce the amount of energy you extend hitting the ball into the opposing court thereby maintaining your stamina.

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